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Is Your Partner Inadequate In The Bedroom? He Might Need Male Enhancement

It’s not just about the size that gets you down, but your partner’s overall performance on the bedroom that just feels lacking. You think to yourself that you might not be getting him excited as before. But is that the real reason behind his under performance?

Your partner might need male enhancement. He will not admit it because he would not want to think of the fact that he has become inadequate for you. Not to mention that it would be such a disgrace if his friends find out that he has lost what makes him a “man.”

So, how do you tell your partner that he might need male enhancement?

Here are the ways:

  • Proper exercise and diet – You might want to start telling him that you want the both of you to start hitting the gym regularly as well as start eating healthy. Bedroom underperformance may be caused by the lack of exercise and malnutrition. Not only does exercise promote the production of testosterone in the body, but it helps him develop his stamina as well as improve blood circulation. Having the proper diet will facilitate his getting back into shape.
  • De-stress – If your partner is always tired and no longer gets excited as much as before, it is likely to be caused by excessive levels of stress. Stress will drain the energy and virility from your partner. Ask him if his job is causing him much stress and work on helping him manage the stress he’s been experiencing. Yoga is a great way of de-stressing. You can also have him take male enhancement supplements as most of them have a component that manages stress levels.
  • Spice things up – Help him get his libido back by doing little things that could spice up your relationship. Men can’t stand it if they’re being teased. Tease him, flirt with him, get him excited, but don’t overdo it as it might become more comical than sensual. There are plenty of tips online on how you can do that. You can give him naughty gifts that you both can use in the bedroom. Items like sensual candles, oils, and other stimulants.
  • Doctor’s appointmentDoctor’s appointment – Schedule him up for a doctor’s appointment. You can ask the physician to focus on finding out whether he indeed needs male enhancement, and you can disguise the appointment as merely an overall regular physical examination. If you can’t tell him, the doctor would be the safest option to tell him the news.

If he asks why you are doing all of the things mentioned above for him, just tell him you are trying to get what you have not been getting for some time.

He might finally get the drift that he is not being adequate in the bedroom. He might finally understand that male enhancement is actually not that bad, if it means getting his masculinity back in the bedroom.

Get A Bigger Tool: The Different Ways Of Male Enhancement

Okay, so you have probably heard women tease men for having a small member. It’s actually not as much of a physical insult than a way to put down a man’s ego. It’s basically psychological warfare with the female specie. It’s generally the same as telling a woman her jugs are too small.

But why were the different male enhancement procedures developed in the first place if for no real reason? Well, basically because there are real medical reasons why some men go through with male enhancement.

Most of the time, it’s just to plainly show off; but kidding aside it’s also because men find it fulfilling if they’re able to satisfy their partners.

Let’s take a look at the different ways of male enhancement:

  • Pills – There are a whole lot of options in this category of male enhancement. Many male enhancement pills are available in the market, advertised to be containing the best newly discovered herbal discovery that is said to increase the size of a man’s phallus in a matter of a few months of use. The real deal with male enhancement pills is that they are merely food supplements that encourage blood flow towards the man’s joystick. There’s just too much hype on the subject. Nevertheless, they still have health benefits, just not as much for increasing erection size.
  • Exercise – There are online exercise programs “specially designed” to encourage the growth of the phallus. So far, there have been no reports of men that have had significant results with the program. Although it is not new knowledge in human physiology that when a body part is subjected to constant or repeated contortion it adapts; just like with people who wear earlobe accessories that stretch the skin. Other similar forms of body modification include the wearing of neck rings by the Kayan women, as well as the foot binding rituals of the traditional Chinese women.
  • Penile pumpsDevices – The use of penile devices as a form of male enhancement does not differ all that much with the exercise method. The only difference is that instead of the constant manual stretching and pulling of the member, devices make the stretching convenient. You might have come across comedy shows using penile weights for their comedy sketches. Pumps also belong to this category. Penile pumps on the other hand use pressure to inflate the phallus, filling it with blood. Pumps, however, are only temporary.
  • Surgery – Back in 2006, there has been a report of a successful penile transplant in China. It was a successful operation, just that the recipient decided not to keep it due to psychological reasons. Male enhancement surgery does not necessarily require a transplant. The surgery only includes the extension of the ligament attaching it to the body as well as injecting fat around it to make it appear to look bigger. There’s no guarantee when it comes to the actual function after that.

If you feel that male enhancement can improve your quality of life, then it might be for you. But all in all, it’s just a matter of insecurity and not a matter of necessity, unless of course it’s a major medical condition.