The Signs that You Need to Use a Testosterone Supplement

To all the men out there, do any of you feel like you’re constantly weak and tired, gaining weight and having a hard time in the bedroom?

Chances are you might actually have below-normal testosterone levels. It could be a condition known as hypogonadism.

This could also be an indicator for varicoceles (abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform venous plexus in the scrotum) or other genetic conditions.

HypogonadismHypogonadism is a problem that becomes progressively more common as men age but can affect a younger man for a variety of reasons (tumors on the pituitary gland which controls testosterone production), problems with the testicles, injury, infections, and being overweight).

The sad truth is not every man who has this condition is getting the right help that they need. Why? Being tired and overweight is common as men get older and no man wants to admit he’s having a hard time ‘getting it up’ with their partner.

Signs of Hypogonadism:

Always feeling tired regardless of how much sleep you get,

  • your diet and exercise regime
  • Muscle weakness especially when it comes to lifting heavy
  • objects or carrying anything for long periods of time
  • Weight gain, especially around the waist. Extra fat acts
  • like a sponge and saps out testosterone out of the blood, decreasing
  • energy levels, libido and other male-related characteristics
  1. Low bone density
  2. Anemia
  3. Low interest in sex
  4. Erectile dysfunction
  5. Soft or small testicles
  6. Depression
  7. Mid-life crisis – unsatisfied with career, partner, or their whole life in general.
  8. Diabetes – high sugar levels in blood and or low insulin levels harm the cells in the testicle that are responsible for making testosterone

Signs of Varicoceles

  1. An aching or dragging-like pain felt within the scrotum
  2. Heavy feeling in the testicles
  3. Atrophy (shrinking and softening) of the testicles
  4. Visible and can be felt enlarged vein
  5. Significantly disproportioned testicles

If you experience majority of these signs it’s best to get your hormone levels checked by a doctor. If are indeed suffering from hypogonadism you may be recommended testosterone replacement through supplements.

Hypogonadism can degrade your overall health and well-being. Having this condition puts you at risk for frailty, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes and possibly Alzheimer’s disease.

Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully as a severe increase of testosterone can actually have negative effects on your body.

Negative effects of too much testosterone are: increased risks of prostate and cardiovascular diseases, becoming sterile, and testicle shrinking and softness.

On the other hand if you are diagnosed with varicoceles you would need a Varicocelectomy, which is the surgical correction of the enlargement.

Testosterone is a very important factor in men’s health and any imbalance or condition can dramatically affect his over-all well-being.

Whether you want to improve your athletic ability, improve your ‘performance’ in the bedroom or just a check-up don’t be shy and go for it! In terms of hormones self-treatment can be very risky.

5 Reasons Why Men invest in a Penis Extender

As a guy do you feel like you were ‘short-changed’ when it comes to your member? Ladies, you usually say it’s not about size but technique, but what if it’s not big enough to have any techniques?

Men either accept that they’ll never grow or tear limb from limb in search of ways to increase the size of their penis. One of the innovative ways available on the market is a penis extender.

It’s a device that is placed over the penis and grips it firmly to encourage it to stretch and grow. It will help to stimulate the muscle of the genital area and help to develop the member. But is it really necessary to stretch ‘it’ out?

Here are five reasons why guys pay for the stretch.

Reason #1: Self-Confidence

No man wants to feel that their penis isn’t good enough. Every guy wants to have a ‘decent’ sized penis or bigger. It gives them more confidence and makes them feel they can take on anything.

If something goes wrong they can just shrug it off and say, “Me, it’s ok I still have a big penis.”

For most men and some women, the penis is a symbol of manhood. If a man’s symbol is not up to par with his confidence he feels inadequate. By obtaining a penis extender and growing out his member. He can really say to the world that “He’s the man!”

Reason #2: Ego

EgoCertain men who have an average size penis will still want to invest in a penis extender. Not only because they want to have a bigger penis but more along the lines of the biggest penis. Men can be very competitive even when it comes to measuring out size.

Reason #3: Sexual Pleasure

A guy who has bigger penis than the average guy is more confident in bed. They feel that as long as they can fill up their partner they’re bound to hit the right spots better than if they had a smaller penis.

With this confidence, it makes them easily satisfy their partners sexually and make them better lovers.

Ladies want the penis to be big enough in order to feel the thrill of sexual stimulation. If a guy is short in reach, it may cause tension between couples.

As a woman you wouldn’t want to hurt your guy’s feelings and as a guy you always aim to please your partner. Therefore if a guy feels that his current size isn’t good enough, he’ll go off and buy a penis extender.

Reason #4: Less Costly

A penis extender is generally cheaper than getting a surgery or loading up on supplements.

So long as you are careful to read all of the instructions there’s no need to worry about any risks or
complications that a patient of surgery would undergo. It’s a onetime investment for a long term goal.

Reason #5: Proven Effective

So far any guy that has tried out this device has found it to help making the penis bigger and longer. So if one guy says it works, other men (and women) won’t hesitate to purchase this item. It’s the improvement of the girth and length of the member that really strikes the interest.

Different Reasons For Semen Enhancement

Why would anyone want to enhance their semen? Do healthy young men such as yourself even need it? To some men, it comes not rather from a need, but it instead becomes more of a want.

Not because they feel they are lacking in the bedroom but because semen enhancement can be
very satisfying.

Men of different age groups want to be able to produce exceptionally large amounts of semen for different reasons as well as for different purposes.

Basically, a man who is able to produce an undeniably larger quantity of semen is considered to be more masculine in different cultures. But nowadays, it’s not mainly for purposes of reproduction and continuation of the human race.

Let’s take a look at why men would want semen enhancement:

  • Natural lubrication – Yes, semen is the body’s own natural form of sexual lubrication. You don’t need to buy lube from the store if you are able to make it yourself. Not only are you going to save money but having natural lubrication is also said to enhance the overall experience. The more slippery it is, the more intense the sensations are going to be.
  • Multiple rounds – It’s having extra bullets in your gun. It is a well-known fact that women are able to have multiple orgasms and can generally outlast a man in bed. Well, if you have had semen enhancement, you only need to worry about pulling the trigger as you will have enough bullets to shoot several rounds of lovemaking.
  • Fill her upFill her up – Nothing can be more satisfying than for a woman to exclaim that you have a lot of semen and that it’s filling her up. It is satisfying for both partners, actually. It will boost your confidence in the bedroom, as well as satisfy your partner for being able to give them a lot of it. Women never complain from being given a lot, so give it to her.
  • More is better – There’s actually more fun involved when things get more slippery. Whether you are just goofing around doing foreplay with your partner, or enjoying those late nights by yourself, or actually hitting her hard in the bedroom, believe it or not, actually having more semen makes these activities all the more enjoyable. There’s no more satisfying thing than being able to have multiple streams of ejaculate with orgasm.
  • Bragging rights – Men of all walks of life will always be proud if they are able to out perform other men. And because ejaculation is considered the much awaited event in lovemaking, it doesn’t come as a surprise when other men would brag about having a lot of semen. For men such as yourself, more is most definitely better in this respect.

Superficial as these reasons may sound, you can go and ask some of your guy friends and try proving these reasons wrong because you will most definitely lose that bet.

Semen enhancement is not merely for medical or purposes of reproduction, but is also for having a little bit of fun. It spices things up in the bedroom when your partner notices that you have more to give.

5 Food Items that Can Speed-up Weight Loss

A calorie is a calorie and cutting down is the only way to lose weight? Not entirely true. There are certain types of food that can boost your appetite, make you feel fuller faster and help you lose

Just by chewing on food like fruits, vegetables, lean meat and whole grains can improve your calorie burn.

Here are five items you should try to incorporate into your eating habits.

  • Oatmeal

OatmealOatmeal is rich in fat soluble fiber that helps to break down calories. It also helps to absorb cholesterol in your system and reduce your risk of heart diseases.

It’s has fewer calories compared to most breakfast items. You can even mix it up with low fat milk, different fruits, and honey. Start your day right with a hearty bowl of oatmeal!

  • Grapefruit

This super fruit has been show to decrease insulin levels in the body’s system. By lowering insulin, you’re helping your body to process food more efficiently and at a faster pace.

Faster digestion means faster burn and less time storing up any fat. Try eating half a grapefruit before each meal or a glass of juice to help you shed the weight.

  • Hot Peppers

Spicy food is a real team player when it comes to weight loss. Hot peppers like jalapenos have a chemical compound called capsaicin, which gives off that heat and spikes up your metabolism.

It’s like added oil to the fire, and keeps your calorie burn going on for hours even after you finished your meal.

Capsaicin also has appetite suppressing properties so if you can opt to have a spicy breakfast you can expect to have a smaller lunch.

  • Lean Proteins

Think chicken, turkey, lean beef and pork (without fat); it takes a lot of energy for your body to break down these types of meat which in turn helps you burn more calories during the digestive process.

Loading up on protein helps to bulks up your chances of developing your lean muscle mass which helps to burn more calories than fat. Partner up your lean meats with some hearty vegetables, and top off with exercise you’ll be on your way to faster weight loss.

  • Green Tea

The caffeine that’s found in green tea helps to increase your heart rate and boost your metabolic rate. This fine tea also contains a chemical called EGCG that encourages the nervous to burn more calories at a faster rate.

Not only weight loss but green tea is a powerful drink that affects your over-all health from healthy skin, detox, and de-stressing. Try having a cup before your work out. It will help to boost your endurance allowing you to work out longer and burn more calories.

Try having at least 3-5 cups in a day to double your chances at weight loss. Whether you like it hot or over ice it’s one of the healthiest things you can put into your body.

Is Your Partner Inadequate In The Bedroom? He Might Need Male Enhancement

It’s not just about the size that gets you down, but your partner’s overall performance on the bedroom that just feels lacking. You think to yourself that you might not be getting him excited as before. But is that the real reason behind his under performance?

Your partner might need male enhancement. He will not admit it because he would not want to think of the fact that he has become inadequate for you. Not to mention that it would be such a disgrace if his friends find out that he has lost what makes him a “man.”

So, how do you tell your partner that he might need male enhancement?

Here are the ways:

  • Proper exercise and diet – You might want to start telling him that you want the both of you to start hitting the gym regularly as well as start eating healthy. Bedroom underperformance may be caused by the lack of exercise and malnutrition. Not only does exercise promote the production of testosterone in the body, but it helps him develop his stamina as well as improve blood circulation. Having the proper diet will facilitate his getting back into shape.
  • De-stress – If your partner is always tired and no longer gets excited as much as before, it is likely to be caused by excessive levels of stress. Stress will drain the energy and virility from your partner. Ask him if his job is causing him much stress and work on helping him manage the stress he’s been experiencing. Yoga is a great way of de-stressing. You can also have him take male enhancement supplements as most of them have a component that manages stress levels.
  • Spice things up – Help him get his libido back by doing little things that could spice up your relationship. Men can’t stand it if they’re being teased. Tease him, flirt with him, get him excited, but don’t overdo it as it might become more comical than sensual. There are plenty of tips online on how you can do that. You can give him naughty gifts that you both can use in the bedroom. Items like sensual candles, oils, and other stimulants.
  • Doctor’s appointmentDoctor’s appointment – Schedule him up for a doctor’s appointment. You can ask the physician to focus on finding out whether he indeed needs male enhancement, and you can disguise the appointment as merely an overall regular physical examination. If you can’t tell him, the doctor would be the safest option to tell him the news.

If he asks why you are doing all of the things mentioned above for him, just tell him you are trying to get what you have not been getting for some time.

He might finally get the drift that he is not being adequate in the bedroom. He might finally understand that male enhancement is actually not that bad, if it means getting his masculinity back in the bedroom.

Are Testosterone Supplements 100% Safe?

“It’s time to get beefed up, jacked up and pumped up!” Hearing or reading words like this in any vitamin store can give you the idea you can achieve a body like Spartan warrior in no time.

Protein powders, energy drinks, protein bars, amino-acid packets, muscle-building oatmeal are just some of the products available on the market with muscle enhancers and testosterone boosters.

Most guys who are working out and trying to build muscles are very tempted by products like these. But do they really work? Are they completely safe? Here’s the breakdown!

What are Testosterone Supplements?

Testosterone SupplementsSimply put they are steroids made to help increase testosterone production, build muscle and improve libido.

The come in different forms and contain different ingredients and instruct different dosages depending on what is it you want to achieve (more muscle, higher endurance, increased libido).

Let’s check out some general ingredients.

Tribulus Terrestris (puncturevine plant)

  • The Good: it’s natural and can help to improve testosterone production
  • The Bad: it doesn’t work for everyone, it could lower good cholesterol and cause breast enlargement

DHEA (prohormone)

  • The Good: upon ingestion this hormone is secreted by the adrenal glands and can be converted into testosterone and estrogen. As men get older these hormones naturally decline so this can be appealing. Can slow signs of aging and muscle loss.
  • The Bad: it doesn’t work for everyone, it reduces good cholesterol, not heat healthy, increased estrogen could produce ‘man boobs.’

Creatine (organic acid)

  • The Good: helps athletic performance by fueling the muscles with energy to work out longer and harder as well as recover faster.
  • The Bad: muscle cramping and stress injuries are possible side effects.

Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB) – (organic acid)

  • The Good: helps to boost weight lifting and sprinting
  • The Bad: more research is needed to determine its safety

L-Arginine (organic acid)

  • The Good: helps to increase blood flow to the muscles so that they get more nutrients
  • The Bad: with the increased blood flow may also increase your risks of heart attack and other cardiovascular disorders.

The Bottom Line

Not all supplements are safe to use and some even pose very risky side effects. If you want to improve your athletic abilities it’s best to go see a doctor first.

A doctor can prescribe to you a good testosterone supplement. Factors such as your age, current health status and goals must be taken into consideration. Another advice would be to have your doctor check your hormone levels to see if testosterone supplements would be effective.

Sometimes an imbalance of hormone levels can have very negative effects on the body. In the case of testosterone, too much of it can cause your body to increase production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which will increase your risks for prostate diseases.

The can also provide other alternatives such as hormonal injections, herbal supplements, and a change in diet that may get the results you want through safer means.

The Pros and Cons of Using a Penis Extender

Every guy wants to feel that their penis is good enough. As a guy having a bigger penis makes you more confident with yourself, your job, your friends, and especially your partner.

But what if you don’t have a ‘bigger than the average’ sized member? Most guys opt to try out supplements, creams and even surgery to ‘help’ them out. But, another investment they have their eyes on is a penis extender.

This handy device works to stimulate the muscles in the groin area to help it grow. By applying a certain amount of force to stretching, your body cells multiply and grow.

But before you go off and buy the latest device, remember it’s not a miracle tool; be sure to check out these advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros!

  • The do work but over time, don’t expect to go from a smart car to a hummer over night.
  • increase length and girthWorks to increase length and girth and improve stamina.
  • You can still wear it even if you are doing other things like going to work, shopping or hanging out with friends.
  • You will grow some extra shaft skin, and if you are circumcised, this extra skin will help accommodate your growing member during sex.
  • Easier to store privately in your home.
  • You will know about how much force you are using each time.
  • Can be used for circumcised or uncircumcised penises
  • There is a warranty.
  • Spare parts are available to order.
  • There are clear manufacturer support and instructions.
  • There is a money back return policy if in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • Safer and more reliable than other penis enlargement methods like supplements, pumps and surgery.
  • Scientifically proven to be effective in several countries.
  • Many men who have used this device testify it really works.

The Cons!

  • Even though you can do other things while wearing it, it’s not that easy in public. You wouldn’t want the device to poke out through your pants would you now?
  • It usually takes a long time to see ‘obvious’ results and the growth rate varies from guy to guy. It’s recommended to wear it for a few hours a day, every day for the first two months. If you can’t achieve this, you won’t get the results you want.
  • Some devices can be expensive and fragile.
  • For first timers, it can be difficult to learn how to use properly. Depending on which way you curve can also affect how well the penis extender fits. You can expect it can be a little painful in
  • the beginning.
  • The penis extender may be a little too long for some guys they can’t get fastened in. There are no custom made to fit your size available.
  • If used incorrectly may result in injury, bruising, blood vessel injury, skin blistering, tissue tears, or create permanent bends. It can also cause soft or weak erections.

A high quality brand of a penis extender can be very expensive.

Is Your Man Juice Drying Out? Enhance Your Semen The Natural Way

Many couples find it enjoyable when a man is able to produce a lot of ejaculation. The explosion is almost always the much awaited highlight of having sex. So it really matters when the man is able to produce a lot of semen, which only signifies the intense orgasm.

This goes all the way back to the basics of survival. When a man is able to produce a lot of ejaculation, it means that the likelihood of the woman getting pregnant is at its highest.

It simply means that the human species will continue on to survive and multiply. It is the same ingrained attraction men get from women with wide hips and large breasts, because it can only mean that a woman with those features will be able to easily carry on giving birth.

So, what are the different ways of semen enhancement? Let’s look at them one by one:

  • Proper hydration – Keeping yourself well-hydrated will obviously affect how much semen you will have. If your body is always thirsty and does not get a sufficient supply of much needed water, then expect your body to produce less semen. This is the first factor that affects semen production. Again, your body needs water and not coffee, juice, or cola. Although you might get water from these sources, it would be very minimal; plus your body will need more water to process them through your system.
  • Stress management – If you think that stress is not a factor, well it is. Getting stressed from work will leave you tired. Constant and excessive stress will wear down your physical condition and will most definitely affect your body’s normal functions. Always remember that your body is a synergistic interconnection of organs. If one organ is not able to fully function, expect that the processes of the other organs will also be affected. 
  • fitness shot of a young man on the beachPhysical well-being – In relation to the items mentioned above, your overall physical well-being is also very important. Keeping yourself in top shape will further add to semen enhancement. Doing habits that degrade your physical well-being, like smoking, excessive drinking, inadequate sleep, and other forms of bodily abuse will most definitely affect the quantity of semen you will be producing. External care is also essential; avoid wearing tight underwear as the scrotum also needs to cool down by hanging away from the body.
  • Nutritional enrichment and enhancement – There are many natural supplements out there that you can try to keep yourself healthy. There are also supplements that are made specifically for semen enhancement. Combining these two will provide your body with the much needed nutrition and components that would encourage your body to produce a lot of semen. There are also special diets that can positively affect how your semen tastes. A diet of fresh fruits is said to enhance the taste of semen, while coffee and beer as well as dairy will alter it in a negative way.

Semen enhancement is not that different from wanting to get healthier. A healthy man will be able to produce enough semen to continue the human species. If you are looking for semen enhancement procedures, then look no further than a good health plan.

Five Ways To Lose Weight And Still Eat A Lot

Yes, you read it right! Five ways to lose weight and still eat a lot. You might be wondering how that’s possible, right? Isn’t being fat a result of too much food? Well the answer to that question is both a
yes and a no, depending on what you eat.

Indeed, eating is one of the main causes of obesity, but it’s not the only reason behind it. If you try to make a list of what makes people fat, you’ll find that eating is just the more visible cause, which
means that it’s what other people usually see overweight people do.

The things you do not do also contribute to being overweight.

So, how can you lose weight and at the same time still eat a lot?

  • Portions – Your body is made to preserve itself. If it senses that food rarely enters the body, it will begin to store fat. It doesn’t mean that you should eat non-stop. It only means that you need to eat constantly and regularly in well-managed proportions. A study shows that eating at regular portions at intervals of the day actually stops the body from storing fat. The reason behind this is that when your body recognizes the fact that it will never go hungry, it will not turn on survival mode, which in turn will not store fat.
  • waterWater – If you want to eat a lot, be sure to also drink a lot. Water is not just for hydration purposes but also for the smooth movement of food throughout your intestines. Water not only helps in cleansing the colon but also helps with eliminating the harmful toxins you have accumulated. There is a study which shows that people who drink a lot of water constantly were able to keep their metabolism above average and were able to burn fat faster. Always remember to never substitute water for anything else; not soda or even juice. If you’re regularly having soda, be sure to be drinking more water to flush it out properly. Juices, on the other hand, will provide additional hydration only.
  • Muscle mass – Start building up your muscle mass. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, you just need more muscle mass than what you currently have. The reason behind this is that studies have shown that people with more muscle mass are able to burn fat at a faster rate due to increased metabolism. It is basic health science that the bigger the muscle, the more food it will consume. This is why when working out, your body will become more hungry than usual. 
  • Exercise – Any form of exercise for that matter will help you get your body moving. Walking or jogging is two of the best ways to lose weight and still be able to eat a lot. Swimming and biking are also two other exercise options if you want to kick your routine up a notch. Just like burning firewood in the fireplace, having the ability to burn food at a faster rate will also give you the ability to eat more. 
  • Eating the right stuff – To be able to lose weight and still eat a lot you have to start eating right. Eating a generally healthy diet will let you get away with consuming junk food once in a while. There are more healthier options nowadays that there were ten to five years ago. Chefs and nutritionists have come up with ways to turn regular guilt food into health food just by switching up a couple of ingredients for healthier ones.

There still really is no substituting a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn’t you enjoy eating knowing that it makes you healthy and keeps you away from a shorter lifespan?

Wouldn’t it be more appealing to keep yourself healthy and get to eat as much as you want, just because you can? If you think about it, there’s no better option.

Get A Bigger Tool: The Different Ways Of Male Enhancement

Okay, so you have probably heard women tease men for having a small member. It’s actually not as much of a physical insult than a way to put down a man’s ego. It’s basically psychological warfare with the female specie. It’s generally the same as telling a woman her jugs are too small.

But why were the different male enhancement procedures developed in the first place if for no real reason? Well, basically because there are real medical reasons why some men go through with male enhancement.

Most of the time, it’s just to plainly show off; but kidding aside it’s also because men find it fulfilling if they’re able to satisfy their partners.

Let’s take a look at the different ways of male enhancement:

  • Pills – There are a whole lot of options in this category of male enhancement. Many male enhancement pills are available in the market, advertised to be containing the best newly discovered herbal discovery that is said to increase the size of a man’s phallus in a matter of a few months of use. The real deal with male enhancement pills is that they are merely food supplements that encourage blood flow towards the man’s joystick. There’s just too much hype on the subject. Nevertheless, they still have health benefits, just not as much for increasing erection size.
  • Exercise – There are online exercise programs “specially designed” to encourage the growth of the phallus. So far, there have been no reports of men that have had significant results with the program. Although it is not new knowledge in human physiology that when a body part is subjected to constant or repeated contortion it adapts; just like with people who wear earlobe accessories that stretch the skin. Other similar forms of body modification include the wearing of neck rings by the Kayan women, as well as the foot binding rituals of the traditional Chinese women.
  • Penile pumpsDevices – The use of penile devices as a form of male enhancement does not differ all that much with the exercise method. The only difference is that instead of the constant manual stretching and pulling of the member, devices make the stretching convenient. You might have come across comedy shows using penile weights for their comedy sketches. Pumps also belong to this category. Penile pumps on the other hand use pressure to inflate the phallus, filling it with blood. Pumps, however, are only temporary.
  • Surgery – Back in 2006, there has been a report of a successful penile transplant in China. It was a successful operation, just that the recipient decided not to keep it due to psychological reasons. Male enhancement surgery does not necessarily require a transplant. The surgery only includes the extension of the ligament attaching it to the body as well as injecting fat around it to make it appear to look bigger. There’s no guarantee when it comes to the actual function after that.

If you feel that male enhancement can improve your quality of life, then it might be for you. But all in all, it’s just a matter of insecurity and not a matter of necessity, unless of course it’s a major medical condition.